Monday, August 15, 2011

Celebrating the 12th week!

Peanut is 12 weeks old!

(The mister insisted on the nickname Diamond instead of Peanut. Wow, didn't know that it's that glamorous floating in the womb...)

Anyway, we'll stick to Peanut. And I do know that one thing's for sure it's certainly not glamorous wearing leggings that are zipped up halfway or finally getting comments about how my hips have grown sideways like some wild hedges and not being able to fit into anything anymore!

But the symptoms have reduced tremendously, so it's time to celebrate! Lesser backcramps for now (yay!), night sickness is almost gone (touch wood!), heart beats are back to normal (double yay!) and getting back to my normal crazy routine at work (work for once has been keeping me sane).

I have put on 5kg in such a short span that it's frightening the daylights out of me. Friends who have not met me for quite some time didn't notice any changes, so I suppose i have to thank my wardrobe that has always been of a darker shade. I am definitely waiting for this flabby period to be over soon. I feel like a whale all the time, day in, day out.

Some latest developments include sending away the 2 bunnies to my parents' home back in Muar. They have adopted Udon, the grey Lionhead who is now named Pin Pin. Good grief. I guess, when in France, do what the French do. My home in Muar has always been a pet sanctuary, so I am pretty sure he's in paradise now (with a maid to pick up after him, and with the master who's his playmate and entertainer).

The other kid, Sushi, a white New Zealand bunny is now at the home of close family friend. He has now the attention from 4 teenage boys who I hope will teach the kid some good manners especially on peeing in the litter pan!:D

The folks also got 2 pictures of very happy looking babies in photoframes (1 girl and 1 boy) for me and the mister to wake up to everyday. Apparently, it's a method to ensure the birth of a very happy Peanut! My pregger friend, Tiffany T. has also asked me to only look at pretty things all the time. She has been doing that since Day 1 as well. Then I must start looking at more LVs, Burberrys', Pradas etc. Heck, that's a lot of motivation I must say!

As for updates on friends, I am so glad that Ben finally proposed to Lynn! Lynn is a bestie since childhood days and they are now residing in Melbourne permanently. Lynn was my maid of honour and I can't wait to see her in the white gown that's awaiting her. I must add that Ben did a fantastic job of proposing to her - never imagined that he could be so artsy fartsy that it led to goosebumps all over when I saw the photographs of his creations for that night in their apartment. To Ben and Lynn, you certainly have our best wishes! :)

Finally, Q3 is in full swing at work and we are all looking forward to a long break during Hari Raya. We have booked our yearly getaway to Cameron Highlands and also bought tickets to watch Tiger Huang, the Jazz Goddess from Taiwan perform. Her concert will be held at the Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands. I am definitely looking forward to that as I have memorised her songs and the lyrics are on the 1st few pages of my song bible (there is a story to my song bible which I may tell someday). And this is my 3rd concert in my life ever, after Andy Lau's and Celine Dion's. We are still trying to get the tickets for Jacky Cheung's concert to end a good year. Fingers crossed!

And now, to end this entry with a self-reminder list of the things to do:

1) Start looking out for new or 2nd hand baby stuff
2) Exercise and walk more
3) Eat less, don't overindulge (doubt it's possible but please control Missy!!!)
4) Confirm the confinement lady by this month end!
5) Find out the process of hiring a maid
6) Read to Peanut every night
7) Listen more to jazzy and classical music

It's obvious the list will never end...