Sunday, January 29, 2012

Officially baked!

I cannot believe that I have actually made it this far - 37 glorious (and clumsy) weeks have gone by and Peanut is now officially baked in the oven!

The 1-week break during the recent Chinese New Year (infact, I go back to work in another 8 hours) was certainly a very much deserved one. Apart from going back to Muar to visit my folks, I had a jolly good time stuffing myself with the array of junk food that's only available once a year and surviving one of the greatest periods of edema that hit my feet. I could have been Shrek's sidekick!

However, the most memorable act this year was giving out red packets as newly weds :) The Chinese culture states that the new Mr & Mrs are obliged to give 'double' red packets to kids and single adults (who happen to be family members and good friends of the couple) after their 1st year of marriage. So, this year, we were extra generous despite being a little tight with our budget as we will be having little Peanut joining (and creating havoc) in our family very soon. But it's always supposed to be an 'all's well, ends well' situation just like in the movies, so we are holding our chins real high up! :)))

I have also been feeling Peanut's movements more (and stronger) than ever over the past few weeks and I definitely believe that the boy cannot hold on any longer. He's getting rather impatient!

While waiting for Peanut to make the final call, I guess I have to deal with the finishing touches to the items below:

1) Hospital bag
2) Project Nursery
3) Wardrobe Spring Cleaning
4) Laundry for all baby items
5) Toy storage
6) Baby library
7) Sterilization of all baby feeding items

Updates again soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcoming 2012

New year came and went! Achievements were a plenty and so were the tears! But always, the happy stuff first!

Peanut Len (and Mama Len)

Peanut is finally in the much awaited engaged position as I am really looking forward to experience natural birth. He turned head down during the previous check-up at 33 weeks and he has retained that position as shown by the doctor during today’s check-up. Peanut is now 35 weeks old and weighs 2.5kg. His mama, on the other hand, has just been diagnosed with high blood pressure (1st time ever) and weighs a very healthy but scary 78kg. Of course, mama’s friends are all assuring her that she’s just a big walking tub of water with a floating ball in it! Well, the doctor gave a new due date for Peanut’s showdown on 18 February, and everyone’s betting that it would be much earlier.  As long as Peanut pops out after Chinese New Year, that would be fine for all of us, in terms of logistics, finance and everything else, including his fate as a Golden Dragon baby! :)))

Big mama with her big tummy

Project Nursery

I wished we had an extra room in the house for him, but at alas, I have to sacrifice my wardrobe room to be Peanut’s nursery.  I guess it’s not a bad idea as I have been cracking my head for the past few weeks to‘re-design’ the room. Project Nursery is halfway there, and I need to stop procrastinating. But I can’t help feeling tired after work each night and just want to put up my swelling feet and read a good book. Come on Mama, you can do it!!! The pressure is rising!!! Show your readers the pictures of the nursery as soon as possible!!!

Still very empty :(

Cloth Diapers

I managed to order the cloth diapers after sourcing high and low for the best options available. I bought the 5 pieces of cloth diapers at a bargain of RM18.00 per piece and even managed to get them to be couriered for free! Well, that’s the power of endless online surfing for the super-kiasu. And if Peanut is super comfortable with cloth diapers, then I will have to attempt to get more as the common usage rate is at least 10 to 15 pieces for serious diapering. My aim is to start using them on Peanut when he is 3 to 4 months old, as advised by other mamas. The reason being that newborns poo and pee most during the first 3 months and it’s best to rely on disposable diapers first. So I am going to take that advice and probably after the confinement period is over, I will be doing a lot of diaper cost comparison. Apparently, Tesco Choice diapers are the most economical for now, as told by one mama and I can’t wait to check that out. I am a born bargain hunter and am proud of it! Haha! :D

Baby Shower

The lovely Tessy hosted a baby shower (that came with kiddy welcome packs!!!) for Peanut and I at her new pad!  It was really sweet of her to put in all the effort of gathering the Gossip Gang to pre-celebrate the arrival of the baby dragon. It was an afternoon of finger-licking fried chicken and a lot of premium cakes contributed by the ladies as well as fun and laughter over the games that we played, such as Name The Baby, Baby Bingo and Unscramble the Baby List of Words. The girls also surprised me with the very precious Avent Breastfeed Manual Pump (as per my wishlist!) and the bestie, Penny gave me the largest jar of anti-stretch mark cream that came bundled with “Pink Nipple” cream (okay, you may let your imaginations run wild now). Well, thank you ladies! I love you all! Never imagined that I would be thrown a baby shower… it  really started my 2012 on a very cheerful note :))) 

The very difficult to play 'unscramble the words' game

What a party! From L-R: Tessy, Alexis, Sharen, Anne, Penny, Yours Truly

All the gifts! :D