Sunday, January 29, 2012

Officially baked!

I cannot believe that I have actually made it this far - 37 glorious (and clumsy) weeks have gone by and Peanut is now officially baked in the oven!

The 1-week break during the recent Chinese New Year (infact, I go back to work in another 8 hours) was certainly a very much deserved one. Apart from going back to Muar to visit my folks, I had a jolly good time stuffing myself with the array of junk food that's only available once a year and surviving one of the greatest periods of edema that hit my feet. I could have been Shrek's sidekick!

However, the most memorable act this year was giving out red packets as newly weds :) The Chinese culture states that the new Mr & Mrs are obliged to give 'double' red packets to kids and single adults (who happen to be family members and good friends of the couple) after their 1st year of marriage. So, this year, we were extra generous despite being a little tight with our budget as we will be having little Peanut joining (and creating havoc) in our family very soon. But it's always supposed to be an 'all's well, ends well' situation just like in the movies, so we are holding our chins real high up! :)))

I have also been feeling Peanut's movements more (and stronger) than ever over the past few weeks and I definitely believe that the boy cannot hold on any longer. He's getting rather impatient!

While waiting for Peanut to make the final call, I guess I have to deal with the finishing touches to the items below:

1) Hospital bag
2) Project Nursery
3) Wardrobe Spring Cleaning
4) Laundry for all baby items
5) Toy storage
6) Baby library
7) Sterilization of all baby feeding items

Updates again soon!

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