Saturday, December 24, 2011

Celebrating X'mas with Water Retention

Today is Christmas eve. It means that Peanut will be busy tasting awesome Christmas treats today and tomorrow while his mama walks around with feet so swollen and ankles that are literally tied with water balloons.

Apparently, swollen feet is the glamourous side of being pregnant. I have been getting 'oohs' and 'ahhs' from almost everyone that I have crossed paths with since the first trimester. Somehow, everyone notices my very big, puffy and beautiful feet! You can very well imagine the irony of wearing a size 8, and thanks to Peanut, I am now a size 9. Not only does the magic happen at the soles of my feet, but also to my ankles. So whenever water retention decides to visit, I just lose sight of my legs without fail, especially the left one :D But it gives me the more reason to be lazy and stay in bed, curled up with my favourite book. So I guess I can't complain for now.

But I will have my beautiful and perfect size 8 feet back. Just 8 more weeks to go. You wait and see.

Till then, have a blessed Christmas everyone! Peanut's kickin' at ya'! :)))

PS: On a brighter note, Dr Tan said Peanut's getting bigger and heavier, and not the mother! Yay! That's happy news for me!!! Although everyone's saying that I look like I am ready to go into labour anytime soon... wth. Visits to the doc are getting more frequent now, about 2 weeks apart per visit. I can't believe that I have survived this far!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Entering the Big and Much Talked about Third Trimester

Entering the big and much talked about Third Trimester was marked by a very significant and truly unforgettable fall by the roadside last weekend.

It was very significant as I had been craving for chicken by the Colonel for as long as I could remember and the Mister decided that enough was enough, he sure didn't want to hear me mumbling about tasty finger licking good fried chicken in my sleep anytime soon! And so we stopped by the outlet in Subang Jaya for lunch before heading to another baby warehouse sale located nearby.

After parking the car, we strolled down the road, being very careful over the occasional potholes and bumps. And then, the unforgettable fall took place as though gravity just gave way causing my knees to go all wobbly. I did a 'ballet squat' right infront of the patrons of an overly crowded foodcourt before the Mister pulled me back up on my feet. Yet another 'Wow, what a performance' moment before I learnt online that falling down is very common during the third trimester.

Everything that I am currently suffering from just hit the right note - aching thighs, aching back, aching feet and the most famous of the lot, aching calves. Imagine waking up at 4am with intense muscle cramp at both legs! Not just for 1 night, but for almost every other night too! So, the Third Trimester is one that will really give one a taste of the unimaginable...

Bring it on, I say! I am almost there anyway! 2 more months, Baby!!! :D

Meanwhile, happy photographs below (to counter all the pain endured so far):

Early X'mas present for Peanut from CCL Grandpa

The loot from the previous Pureen baby warehouse sale

The pile of books in the middle stack is for Peanut from the Big Bad Wolf Sale this year :)))

Sidenote: We finally got the baby crib at an unbeatable price of RM299.00 with the mattress included. We are really happy and the Mister can't wait to fix it up next month. We will put up some photographs by then. Stay tuned :)))

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Golden List

Baby ClothingBodysuitsManyKC/2nd Sis/M&D
Sleeping suitsManyKC/2nd Sis/M&D
Caps/Socks/MittensManyKC/2nd Sis/M&D
Baby Detergent1
Receiving Blanket2KC
Baby Hankies6Royal Domain
Baby BeddingCot1
Mattress12nd Sis
Rubber Cot Sheet1
Mobiles12nd Sis
Baby Monitor1
Mosquito Net (for Cot)12nd Sis
Baby BathingBaby Bathtub1
Baby Bath Mat1
Baby 2-in-1 Bath & Shampoo1
Baby TravelStroller (Combi)1M&D 
Mobiles for StrollerManyKC/2nd Sis
Infant Car Seat / Carrier12nd Sis
Diaper Bag (Eddie Bauer)1M&D 
Baby Sling Carrier1
Baby NecessitiesCloth Diapers10 pcs
Cloth Diaper Inserts20 pcs
Cloth Diaper Liners50 pcsKC
Disposable Diapers (Newborn)48 pcsKC
Disposable Diapers (Size S)96 pcsKL
Nappy Rash Cream1
Baby Powder
Baby WipesA lotKL
Changing Mat/Table1
Baby Nail Clipper1
Soft Brush1
Pacifier (Avent)2M&D 
Pacifier Holder with Clip1KC
Baby  FeedingFeeding Bottle (S)1
Feeding Bottle (L)1
Silicone Nipple (S)3
Feeding Container with Lid3
Feeding Spoon1
Breast Pump12nd Sis
Storage Bottle (120ml)3
Storage Bottle (140ml)12
Powder Milk Storage Container6KC
Bottle Brush1
Baby Bibs3KC/2nd Sis
Baby PlaytimePlay Pen12nd Sis
Play Gym22nd Sis
Bouncing Seat12nd Sis
For MomNursing Bra1KC
Nursing Pads (Washable)2 pairsKC
Nursing Pads (Disposables)39 pairsKL
Nursing Pillow1KC
Stretch Mark Cream1
Post Partum Support Garment1
Maternity Sanitary Pads1 pack
Normal Sanitary Pads90 pcsKC
Disposable Underwear5
Nipple Shield2KL
Sarong22nd Sis

To be purchased this weekend at the Golden Fair:
1. Baby Detergent 2-in-1 Bath & Shampoo
2. Bath Tub
3. Rubber Mat for Bath Tub
4. Baby Nail Clipper
5. Soft Brush
6. Baby Rash Cream
7. Baby Talcum Powder
8. Feeding Stuff

Note to self of the Golden Fair Venue (you must know that I am currently suffering from real short term memory!):

Ahhh... the joy of shopping is now translated in this manner! Motherhood is changing me for sure!