Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Golden List

Baby ClothingBodysuitsManyKC/2nd Sis/M&D
Sleeping suitsManyKC/2nd Sis/M&D
Caps/Socks/MittensManyKC/2nd Sis/M&D
Baby Detergent1
Receiving Blanket2KC
Baby Hankies6Royal Domain
Baby BeddingCot1
Mattress12nd Sis
Rubber Cot Sheet1
Mobiles12nd Sis
Baby Monitor1
Mosquito Net (for Cot)12nd Sis
Baby BathingBaby Bathtub1
Baby Bath Mat1
Baby 2-in-1 Bath & Shampoo1
Baby TravelStroller (Combi)1M&D 
Mobiles for StrollerManyKC/2nd Sis
Infant Car Seat / Carrier12nd Sis
Diaper Bag (Eddie Bauer)1M&D 
Baby Sling Carrier1
Baby NecessitiesCloth Diapers10 pcs
Cloth Diaper Inserts20 pcs
Cloth Diaper Liners50 pcsKC
Disposable Diapers (Newborn)48 pcsKC
Disposable Diapers (Size S)96 pcsKL
Nappy Rash Cream1
Baby Powder
Baby WipesA lotKL
Changing Mat/Table1
Baby Nail Clipper1
Soft Brush1
Pacifier (Avent)2M&D 
Pacifier Holder with Clip1KC
Baby  FeedingFeeding Bottle (S)1
Feeding Bottle (L)1
Silicone Nipple (S)3
Feeding Container with Lid3
Feeding Spoon1
Breast Pump12nd Sis
Storage Bottle (120ml)3
Storage Bottle (140ml)12
Powder Milk Storage Container6KC
Bottle Brush1
Baby Bibs3KC/2nd Sis
Baby PlaytimePlay Pen12nd Sis
Play Gym22nd Sis
Bouncing Seat12nd Sis
For MomNursing Bra1KC
Nursing Pads (Washable)2 pairsKC
Nursing Pads (Disposables)39 pairsKL
Nursing Pillow1KC
Stretch Mark Cream1
Post Partum Support Garment1
Maternity Sanitary Pads1 pack
Normal Sanitary Pads90 pcsKC
Disposable Underwear5
Nipple Shield2KL
Sarong22nd Sis

To be purchased this weekend at the Golden Fair:
1. Baby Detergent 2-in-1 Bath & Shampoo
2. Bath Tub
3. Rubber Mat for Bath Tub
4. Baby Nail Clipper
5. Soft Brush
6. Baby Rash Cream
7. Baby Talcum Powder
8. Feeding Stuff

Note to self of the Golden Fair Venue (you must know that I am currently suffering from real short term memory!):

Ahhh... the joy of shopping is now translated in this manner! Motherhood is changing me for sure!

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