Friday, December 16, 2011

Entering the Big and Much Talked about Third Trimester

Entering the big and much talked about Third Trimester was marked by a very significant and truly unforgettable fall by the roadside last weekend.

It was very significant as I had been craving for chicken by the Colonel for as long as I could remember and the Mister decided that enough was enough, he sure didn't want to hear me mumbling about tasty finger licking good fried chicken in my sleep anytime soon! And so we stopped by the outlet in Subang Jaya for lunch before heading to another baby warehouse sale located nearby.

After parking the car, we strolled down the road, being very careful over the occasional potholes and bumps. And then, the unforgettable fall took place as though gravity just gave way causing my knees to go all wobbly. I did a 'ballet squat' right infront of the patrons of an overly crowded foodcourt before the Mister pulled me back up on my feet. Yet another 'Wow, what a performance' moment before I learnt online that falling down is very common during the third trimester.

Everything that I am currently suffering from just hit the right note - aching thighs, aching back, aching feet and the most famous of the lot, aching calves. Imagine waking up at 4am with intense muscle cramp at both legs! Not just for 1 night, but for almost every other night too! So, the Third Trimester is one that will really give one a taste of the unimaginable...

Bring it on, I say! I am almost there anyway! 2 more months, Baby!!! :D

Meanwhile, happy photographs below (to counter all the pain endured so far):

Early X'mas present for Peanut from CCL Grandpa

The loot from the previous Pureen baby warehouse sale

The pile of books in the middle stack is for Peanut from the Big Bad Wolf Sale this year :)))

Sidenote: We finally got the baby crib at an unbeatable price of RM299.00 with the mattress included. We are really happy and the Mister can't wait to fix it up next month. We will put up some photographs by then. Stay tuned :)))

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