Saturday, December 24, 2011

Celebrating X'mas with Water Retention

Today is Christmas eve. It means that Peanut will be busy tasting awesome Christmas treats today and tomorrow while his mama walks around with feet so swollen and ankles that are literally tied with water balloons.

Apparently, swollen feet is the glamourous side of being pregnant. I have been getting 'oohs' and 'ahhs' from almost everyone that I have crossed paths with since the first trimester. Somehow, everyone notices my very big, puffy and beautiful feet! You can very well imagine the irony of wearing a size 8, and thanks to Peanut, I am now a size 9. Not only does the magic happen at the soles of my feet, but also to my ankles. So whenever water retention decides to visit, I just lose sight of my legs without fail, especially the left one :D But it gives me the more reason to be lazy and stay in bed, curled up with my favourite book. So I guess I can't complain for now.

But I will have my beautiful and perfect size 8 feet back. Just 8 more weeks to go. You wait and see.

Till then, have a blessed Christmas everyone! Peanut's kickin' at ya'! :)))

PS: On a brighter note, Dr Tan said Peanut's getting bigger and heavier, and not the mother! Yay! That's happy news for me!!! Although everyone's saying that I look like I am ready to go into labour anytime soon... wth. Visits to the doc are getting more frequent now, about 2 weeks apart per visit. I can't believe that I have survived this far!

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  1. Yayyy...any time now! Take some pics of your baby bump :)