Saturday, December 24, 2011

Celebrating X'mas with Water Retention

Today is Christmas eve. It means that Peanut will be busy tasting awesome Christmas treats today and tomorrow while his mama walks around with feet so swollen and ankles that are literally tied with water balloons.

Apparently, swollen feet is the glamourous side of being pregnant. I have been getting 'oohs' and 'ahhs' from almost everyone that I have crossed paths with since the first trimester. Somehow, everyone notices my very big, puffy and beautiful feet! You can very well imagine the irony of wearing a size 8, and thanks to Peanut, I am now a size 9. Not only does the magic happen at the soles of my feet, but also to my ankles. So whenever water retention decides to visit, I just lose sight of my legs without fail, especially the left one :D But it gives me the more reason to be lazy and stay in bed, curled up with my favourite book. So I guess I can't complain for now.

But I will have my beautiful and perfect size 8 feet back. Just 8 more weeks to go. You wait and see.

Till then, have a blessed Christmas everyone! Peanut's kickin' at ya'! :)))

PS: On a brighter note, Dr Tan said Peanut's getting bigger and heavier, and not the mother! Yay! That's happy news for me!!! Although everyone's saying that I look like I am ready to go into labour anytime soon... wth. Visits to the doc are getting more frequent now, about 2 weeks apart per visit. I can't believe that I have survived this far!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Entering the Big and Much Talked about Third Trimester

Entering the big and much talked about Third Trimester was marked by a very significant and truly unforgettable fall by the roadside last weekend.

It was very significant as I had been craving for chicken by the Colonel for as long as I could remember and the Mister decided that enough was enough, he sure didn't want to hear me mumbling about tasty finger licking good fried chicken in my sleep anytime soon! And so we stopped by the outlet in Subang Jaya for lunch before heading to another baby warehouse sale located nearby.

After parking the car, we strolled down the road, being very careful over the occasional potholes and bumps. And then, the unforgettable fall took place as though gravity just gave way causing my knees to go all wobbly. I did a 'ballet squat' right infront of the patrons of an overly crowded foodcourt before the Mister pulled me back up on my feet. Yet another 'Wow, what a performance' moment before I learnt online that falling down is very common during the third trimester.

Everything that I am currently suffering from just hit the right note - aching thighs, aching back, aching feet and the most famous of the lot, aching calves. Imagine waking up at 4am with intense muscle cramp at both legs! Not just for 1 night, but for almost every other night too! So, the Third Trimester is one that will really give one a taste of the unimaginable...

Bring it on, I say! I am almost there anyway! 2 more months, Baby!!! :D

Meanwhile, happy photographs below (to counter all the pain endured so far):

Early X'mas present for Peanut from CCL Grandpa

The loot from the previous Pureen baby warehouse sale

The pile of books in the middle stack is for Peanut from the Big Bad Wolf Sale this year :)))

Sidenote: We finally got the baby crib at an unbeatable price of RM299.00 with the mattress included. We are really happy and the Mister can't wait to fix it up next month. We will put up some photographs by then. Stay tuned :)))

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Golden List

Baby ClothingBodysuitsManyKC/2nd Sis/M&D
Sleeping suitsManyKC/2nd Sis/M&D
Caps/Socks/MittensManyKC/2nd Sis/M&D
Baby Detergent1
Receiving Blanket2KC
Baby Hankies6Royal Domain
Baby BeddingCot1
Mattress12nd Sis
Rubber Cot Sheet1
Mobiles12nd Sis
Baby Monitor1
Mosquito Net (for Cot)12nd Sis
Baby BathingBaby Bathtub1
Baby Bath Mat1
Baby 2-in-1 Bath & Shampoo1
Baby TravelStroller (Combi)1M&D 
Mobiles for StrollerManyKC/2nd Sis
Infant Car Seat / Carrier12nd Sis
Diaper Bag (Eddie Bauer)1M&D 
Baby Sling Carrier1
Baby NecessitiesCloth Diapers10 pcs
Cloth Diaper Inserts20 pcs
Cloth Diaper Liners50 pcsKC
Disposable Diapers (Newborn)48 pcsKC
Disposable Diapers (Size S)96 pcsKL
Nappy Rash Cream1
Baby Powder
Baby WipesA lotKL
Changing Mat/Table1
Baby Nail Clipper1
Soft Brush1
Pacifier (Avent)2M&D 
Pacifier Holder with Clip1KC
Baby  FeedingFeeding Bottle (S)1
Feeding Bottle (L)1
Silicone Nipple (S)3
Feeding Container with Lid3
Feeding Spoon1
Breast Pump12nd Sis
Storage Bottle (120ml)3
Storage Bottle (140ml)12
Powder Milk Storage Container6KC
Bottle Brush1
Baby Bibs3KC/2nd Sis
Baby PlaytimePlay Pen12nd Sis
Play Gym22nd Sis
Bouncing Seat12nd Sis
For MomNursing Bra1KC
Nursing Pads (Washable)2 pairsKC
Nursing Pads (Disposables)39 pairsKL
Nursing Pillow1KC
Stretch Mark Cream1
Post Partum Support Garment1
Maternity Sanitary Pads1 pack
Normal Sanitary Pads90 pcsKC
Disposable Underwear5
Nipple Shield2KL
Sarong22nd Sis

To be purchased this weekend at the Golden Fair:
1. Baby Detergent 2-in-1 Bath & Shampoo
2. Bath Tub
3. Rubber Mat for Bath Tub
4. Baby Nail Clipper
5. Soft Brush
6. Baby Rash Cream
7. Baby Talcum Powder
8. Feeding Stuff

Note to self of the Golden Fair Venue (you must know that I am currently suffering from real short term memory!):

Ahhh... the joy of shopping is now translated in this manner! Motherhood is changing me for sure!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane at 25 weeks

The hassle of getting a letter from my doctor to certify that I am still fit to fly was totally unexpected. It took me 3 days and 2 trips to the hospital to collect the letter before my flight to Singapore tomorrow (Yes, blame it on the nurse's SOP and my increasing level of forgetfulness). Although it will only be a 1 day trip there for 3 business meetings, I am still excited. It would be another first for me to have Peanut on board with me, in me! :)))

What happened last week:

1) I attended my first baby shower party - it was to celebrate Lisa's soon-to-pop-out prince! The games were a lot of fun and I hope to be able to play them at my baby shower (if I do have one). Most importantly, it was nice to catch up with everyone ever since Lisa's wedding 2 years ago. Where did time go?!!!

2) Had a marathon session of the Korean version of F4 series, aptly named Flowers Before Boys. The mister was away for 3 days to attend a friend's wedding and I had the whole screen and room to myself. So I became a naughty girl and watched the series from morning till night till the next morning until I got done with the entire series! I didn't get much sleep during that weekend, I must say and I hope Peanut wasn't mad at his mama. On another note, mama fell in love with Kim Hyun Joong, who played the character of Ji Hoo. It was so frustrating that the heroine didn't choose him in the end. Such irony! However, this Korean version definitely stood out from the Taiwanese and Japanese versions. Highly recommended to watch  if you have the time to kill and if you want to go back to your high school days of going boy-crazy! :)))

What happened/is happening this week:

1) The mister bought a keychain of Kim Hyun Joong (KHJ) when we ate at the Korean Village in Ampang. The big deal about it is that the tiny thing cost RM15 and I feel spoilt! I am 31 going on 32 afterall... But I still can't help smiling looking at it everyday. We wanted to get the poster but it certainly wasn't worth the price at RM50! The mister suggested that I do a collage of KHJ and he would send it to the printer to make a banner out of it. The result, "Even bigger, better and cheaper!" Tsk tsk. Now I just need to find time to do that. I hope Peanut doesn't feel neglected :///
The back of the keychain

The front of the keychain
2) Penny Neverland, the bestie, got us girls together to enjoy the promotional buffet at Jogoya in Starhill. I have not been to that restaurant in ages, or since 4 years ago, to be exact. When it first opened, my ex-colleagues and I frequented the buffet 3 times in a span of 2 months. Needless to say, we got sick of the place. And I haven't gone back ever since. But when Penny told me of the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion, I obviously couldn't resist and ended up pigging out with the girls. I am glad I did as we had a good time being just girls and dishing out on anything and everything.

3) As mentioned earlier, I will be flying off to Singapore tomorrow. Charles & Keith, wait for me! I need to stock up on my flats!!!

4) We are gearing up for the Baby Fair that's going to be held in Midvalley this weekend. I am doing my 'stock take' and 'asset management' on the inventories that have been passed down from the mister's sister. But it still seems like there's a whole truckload of stuff to get! Oh dear mister, we will brave this together! I sure hope that my folks who are coming up to KL will also 'lend a helping hand' to look for the best deals and steals :D Speaking of the folks, they are back from the States and I can't wait to check out their loot for me and Peanut. Hehehe :)))

Okay, time's up. Need to get to the airport in 5 hours. Peanut, are you ready for your virgin flight? :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


" Happy birthday Daddy! I will join you next year! Wait for me! :D"

Love lots,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Either a Fortune-Teller or a Big Time Joker

Yesterday was the full detailed 2D scan of Peanut at Dr Tan's. Peanut is only 23 weeks old and already declared 'very handsome' by the doc. And he added that no money should be wasted for a 3D scan.

So I cleverly asked, "Are you not equipped with a 3D scanner here? Is that why?"

But of course, doctors always tend to be cleverer. He pointed to his 2D scanner and elaborated on its multi function features (which included transforming into a 3D scanner at the click of a button.... why of course... as if you didn't see that coming).

He ended his explanations nicely with, "I still don't want your money. So you can forget about doing the 3D scan here."

Wow! First, he's a Fortune-Teller (or a big time joker???).

"Peanut will be very handsome," he repeated for the 3rd time. I couldn't help but to roll my eyes. I am cynical that way. But the mister was laughing all the way.

"The compliment(s) wasn't meant for you, Mr Len," I had to remind him. Ini orang memang manyak suka shiok-sendiri.

Anyway, back to the Fortune-Teller. He's now helping us to save money too.

I really like this life lah.

Especially since I escaped a traffic summon this morning as well. The guy was printing the summon ticket for the car parked next to mine when I scurried there. Boy, I sure made it in record time but not without heaving heavily and smiling meekly at the law enforcement officer.

Talk about having baby luck! :)))

Footnote: The difference between a 2D and a 3D scan

2D scan (Presenting to you again, the Handsome Peanut at 13 weeks)

3D scan (taken randomly from some picture online)

Apparently, 2D scans are meant to scan right through the organs and everything else to make sure that the baby is developing and growing well in the tummy. For example, there are no leakages in the heart or deformed kidneys and also to measure the bone sizes of the thighs, arms, etc.

As for the 3D scan, it may really be used to see if the kid's going to be a future heartbreaker. 

(But then again, I got a doctor who's also a Fortune Teller... so dum dee dum)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Of Hired Help and Toddler Clothes

Who would have thought that hired help by the name of Anabelle would finally be on her way to save my future (and my kid's and family-in-law's)? Who would have thought that I am officially on my way to become a full fledged auntie by going through the daunting process of hiring hired help?

After a gruelling 2 months of making non-stop phone calls and collecting a mountain stack of documents that were required, I finally filed in our application and made the initial blouse-pants-skirt-lingerie-pocket-burning payment at an agency in Sea Park, Petaling Jaya today.

Being a first timer, it was only natural that I spent a whole good hour infront of Susan, the agent, double- confirming on last minute details as well as getting my eldest Sis-in-Law to calculate the 'bazi' of the maid that I chose (and that is of course upon the special request of my in-laws). Thank goodness Anabelle seems to fit into our household by being 'talented' and 'hardworking'. Yes, we will all have the next 3 months to cross our fingers and toes for those to traits to be true.

And just for the record, this is the cost of hiring a Filipino maid in Malaysia as of today:

Recruitment Fees - RM7,295.00 (To be paid in order to book the maid of choice and to begin the documentation process with the Immigration Department)

Maid Advance Salary - RM4,000.00 (To be paid upon her arrival and the current salary rate is RM1,000.00/month)

In total, we are looking at a sum of RM11,295.00. Wow! Miss Anabelle better be a pretty version of Doraemon with a bagful of worthy housekeeping tips and tricks!

On a separate note, I just did a quick check on the bags of toddler clothes that were passed to us by my 2nd Sis-in-Law... they are way more than enough to last Peanut's growing years from birth to 3 years! That should be happy and cost-saving news for us but oh dear, how can I resist all those cute rompers at FOS and Reject Shop? Call me cheapskate but my buys are always, always a steal :D

Okay, it's really the time to get those baby vanity drawers this weekend to start lining-up Peanut's fashion collection!

Enjoy your weekend!

P/S: Peanut's change of name won't be revealed until further notice as to keep the suspense going :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Peanut says, "Peekaboo! I am a boy!"

Yes, yes, during the last scan, Dr Tan confirmed that Peanut is 120% a boy with a mighty weenie to boot! :/

See picture below:

How to look at the picture:

We are looking at the peanut's butt from the bottom view... imagine him sitting on a glass chair... so we are looking from the bottom of the glass chair and staring at the butt cheeks!! You can see the 2 thighs/legs... and then the not-so-little weenie in the middle!!! :D

We haven't gone wrong with our collection of baby rompers so far. Truth to be told, I started collecting them since 2 years ago... it's actually quite difficult to resist them once you realise how cute baby clothing is! The current collection is made out of obvious shades of blue, white, brown, black, army green... and nothing pink. Even when I was a little girl, I didn't like pink at all. So I guess Peanut is all good to go to match his folks who specially love to colour code their outfits during outings!

We have also started on his shoes collection, thanks to his doting Grand folks. Baby booties are really the cutest things ever. Even good enough to be eaten! :x The Grand folks are now making full use of their visit to the US to stock up on sweet baby deals at the outlet stores, especially Century 21 and Woodbury in New York. Well, we will just have to wait for their return in a month's time. Mum, don't forget my handbags too! Hehehe.

At the same time, 2nd Sis-in-law has also started passing down all baby stuff worn and used by my nephew and niece. We are really grateful as we can now concentrate on the important stuff like Peanut's crib, stroller and vanity (!!!) drawers. We did our first round of scouting at the mall last weekend and homework sure does play an important role in managing our tight budget. I suppose we will continue scouting around to get the best deals and perhaps to also hand our gift list to the Grand folks. Hehe.

Probably some quick updates as well:

1) I am in my 22nd week. Since 3 weeks ago, I have been kept up all night, every night with body rash that won't stop showing up. Body oil and moisturizers don't work for me and I am at my wits' end. My lips are still shredding skin like an old python on heat and my body is now filled with self-inflicted scars from too much scratching. My chest looks like it has been raped by Captain Hook. Now who says pregnancy isn't fun?

2) The mister wants to go for a holiday. I hope it's because he's feeling bad for not having planned an immediate honeymoon after our marriage. It's sad that the missus is always left to do all the planning and suggesting. But I suppose that is what makes us superior anytime :D Will be checking out for tours to Hong Kong and Taiwan, with hopes to travel before I hit the 7th month.

3) Work is as per normal, though looking more and more 'Aunty' these days. I really can't help it. Plunging necklines just don't work anymore in this century! I will just be another Aunty with saggy boobies in an ill fitting top that looks more like a curtain drape...

4) Started on my Korean and Taiwanese soap series again... well, what else can a pregnant lady do?... but be caught in love fiction and fantasy that's filled with good looking chaps :)))

5) It's a holiday this Wednesday in conjuction with Deepavali. It's time to stock up on the Murukku and all fried Indian junk food! God is great!

Okay, it's 12.32am and the itch is getting unbearable (it's hard to believe if I were to say that this itch is similar to time-release Vitamin C).

So please excuse me while I go get Captain Hook!

...upcoming: Peanut (and his future other boy siblings) may just spot a New Name... stay tuned :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

13 going on 16

" Hello World!!! Can you see me? I am going to be 112 days old on 12 September... But mum and dad ain't too sure if I am a boy or a girl yet. So I guess I just have to surprise them when they see me next! :) "

Monday, August 15, 2011

Celebrating the 12th week!

Peanut is 12 weeks old!

(The mister insisted on the nickname Diamond instead of Peanut. Wow, didn't know that it's that glamorous floating in the womb...)

Anyway, we'll stick to Peanut. And I do know that one thing's for sure it's certainly not glamorous wearing leggings that are zipped up halfway or finally getting comments about how my hips have grown sideways like some wild hedges and not being able to fit into anything anymore!

But the symptoms have reduced tremendously, so it's time to celebrate! Lesser backcramps for now (yay!), night sickness is almost gone (touch wood!), heart beats are back to normal (double yay!) and getting back to my normal crazy routine at work (work for once has been keeping me sane).

I have put on 5kg in such a short span that it's frightening the daylights out of me. Friends who have not met me for quite some time didn't notice any changes, so I suppose i have to thank my wardrobe that has always been of a darker shade. I am definitely waiting for this flabby period to be over soon. I feel like a whale all the time, day in, day out.

Some latest developments include sending away the 2 bunnies to my parents' home back in Muar. They have adopted Udon, the grey Lionhead who is now named Pin Pin. Good grief. I guess, when in France, do what the French do. My home in Muar has always been a pet sanctuary, so I am pretty sure he's in paradise now (with a maid to pick up after him, and with the master who's his playmate and entertainer).

The other kid, Sushi, a white New Zealand bunny is now at the home of close family friend. He has now the attention from 4 teenage boys who I hope will teach the kid some good manners especially on peeing in the litter pan!:D

The folks also got 2 pictures of very happy looking babies in photoframes (1 girl and 1 boy) for me and the mister to wake up to everyday. Apparently, it's a method to ensure the birth of a very happy Peanut! My pregger friend, Tiffany T. has also asked me to only look at pretty things all the time. She has been doing that since Day 1 as well. Then I must start looking at more LVs, Burberrys', Pradas etc. Heck, that's a lot of motivation I must say!

As for updates on friends, I am so glad that Ben finally proposed to Lynn! Lynn is a bestie since childhood days and they are now residing in Melbourne permanently. Lynn was my maid of honour and I can't wait to see her in the white gown that's awaiting her. I must add that Ben did a fantastic job of proposing to her - never imagined that he could be so artsy fartsy that it led to goosebumps all over when I saw the photographs of his creations for that night in their apartment. To Ben and Lynn, you certainly have our best wishes! :)

Finally, Q3 is in full swing at work and we are all looking forward to a long break during Hari Raya. We have booked our yearly getaway to Cameron Highlands and also bought tickets to watch Tiger Huang, the Jazz Goddess from Taiwan perform. Her concert will be held at the Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands. I am definitely looking forward to that as I have memorised her songs and the lyrics are on the 1st few pages of my song bible (there is a story to my song bible which I may tell someday). And this is my 3rd concert in my life ever, after Andy Lau's and Celine Dion's. We are still trying to get the tickets for Jacky Cheung's concert to end a good year. Fingers crossed!

And now, to end this entry with a self-reminder list of the things to do:

1) Start looking out for new or 2nd hand baby stuff
2) Exercise and walk more
3) Eat less, don't overindulge (doubt it's possible but please control Missy!!!)
4) Confirm the confinement lady by this month end!
5) Find out the process of hiring a maid
6) Read to Peanut every night
7) Listen more to jazzy and classical music

It's obvious the list will never end...