Friday, October 28, 2011

Of Hired Help and Toddler Clothes

Who would have thought that hired help by the name of Anabelle would finally be on her way to save my future (and my kid's and family-in-law's)? Who would have thought that I am officially on my way to become a full fledged auntie by going through the daunting process of hiring hired help?

After a gruelling 2 months of making non-stop phone calls and collecting a mountain stack of documents that were required, I finally filed in our application and made the initial blouse-pants-skirt-lingerie-pocket-burning payment at an agency in Sea Park, Petaling Jaya today.

Being a first timer, it was only natural that I spent a whole good hour infront of Susan, the agent, double- confirming on last minute details as well as getting my eldest Sis-in-Law to calculate the 'bazi' of the maid that I chose (and that is of course upon the special request of my in-laws). Thank goodness Anabelle seems to fit into our household by being 'talented' and 'hardworking'. Yes, we will all have the next 3 months to cross our fingers and toes for those to traits to be true.

And just for the record, this is the cost of hiring a Filipino maid in Malaysia as of today:

Recruitment Fees - RM7,295.00 (To be paid in order to book the maid of choice and to begin the documentation process with the Immigration Department)

Maid Advance Salary - RM4,000.00 (To be paid upon her arrival and the current salary rate is RM1,000.00/month)

In total, we are looking at a sum of RM11,295.00. Wow! Miss Anabelle better be a pretty version of Doraemon with a bagful of worthy housekeeping tips and tricks!

On a separate note, I just did a quick check on the bags of toddler clothes that were passed to us by my 2nd Sis-in-Law... they are way more than enough to last Peanut's growing years from birth to 3 years! That should be happy and cost-saving news for us but oh dear, how can I resist all those cute rompers at FOS and Reject Shop? Call me cheapskate but my buys are always, always a steal :D

Okay, it's really the time to get those baby vanity drawers this weekend to start lining-up Peanut's fashion collection!

Enjoy your weekend!

P/S: Peanut's change of name won't be revealed until further notice as to keep the suspense going :)

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