Monday, October 24, 2011

Peanut says, "Peekaboo! I am a boy!"

Yes, yes, during the last scan, Dr Tan confirmed that Peanut is 120% a boy with a mighty weenie to boot! :/

See picture below:

How to look at the picture:

We are looking at the peanut's butt from the bottom view... imagine him sitting on a glass chair... so we are looking from the bottom of the glass chair and staring at the butt cheeks!! You can see the 2 thighs/legs... and then the not-so-little weenie in the middle!!! :D

We haven't gone wrong with our collection of baby rompers so far. Truth to be told, I started collecting them since 2 years ago... it's actually quite difficult to resist them once you realise how cute baby clothing is! The current collection is made out of obvious shades of blue, white, brown, black, army green... and nothing pink. Even when I was a little girl, I didn't like pink at all. So I guess Peanut is all good to go to match his folks who specially love to colour code their outfits during outings!

We have also started on his shoes collection, thanks to his doting Grand folks. Baby booties are really the cutest things ever. Even good enough to be eaten! :x The Grand folks are now making full use of their visit to the US to stock up on sweet baby deals at the outlet stores, especially Century 21 and Woodbury in New York. Well, we will just have to wait for their return in a month's time. Mum, don't forget my handbags too! Hehehe.

At the same time, 2nd Sis-in-law has also started passing down all baby stuff worn and used by my nephew and niece. We are really grateful as we can now concentrate on the important stuff like Peanut's crib, stroller and vanity (!!!) drawers. We did our first round of scouting at the mall last weekend and homework sure does play an important role in managing our tight budget. I suppose we will continue scouting around to get the best deals and perhaps to also hand our gift list to the Grand folks. Hehe.

Probably some quick updates as well:

1) I am in my 22nd week. Since 3 weeks ago, I have been kept up all night, every night with body rash that won't stop showing up. Body oil and moisturizers don't work for me and I am at my wits' end. My lips are still shredding skin like an old python on heat and my body is now filled with self-inflicted scars from too much scratching. My chest looks like it has been raped by Captain Hook. Now who says pregnancy isn't fun?

2) The mister wants to go for a holiday. I hope it's because he's feeling bad for not having planned an immediate honeymoon after our marriage. It's sad that the missus is always left to do all the planning and suggesting. But I suppose that is what makes us superior anytime :D Will be checking out for tours to Hong Kong and Taiwan, with hopes to travel before I hit the 7th month.

3) Work is as per normal, though looking more and more 'Aunty' these days. I really can't help it. Plunging necklines just don't work anymore in this century! I will just be another Aunty with saggy boobies in an ill fitting top that looks more like a curtain drape...

4) Started on my Korean and Taiwanese soap series again... well, what else can a pregnant lady do?... but be caught in love fiction and fantasy that's filled with good looking chaps :)))

5) It's a holiday this Wednesday in conjuction with Deepavali. It's time to stock up on the Murukku and all fried Indian junk food! God is great!

Okay, it's 12.32am and the itch is getting unbearable (it's hard to believe if I were to say that this itch is similar to time-release Vitamin C).

So please excuse me while I go get Captain Hook!

...upcoming: Peanut (and his future other boy siblings) may just spot a New Name... stay tuned :)

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