Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Either a Fortune-Teller or a Big Time Joker

Yesterday was the full detailed 2D scan of Peanut at Dr Tan's. Peanut is only 23 weeks old and already declared 'very handsome' by the doc. And he added that no money should be wasted for a 3D scan.

So I cleverly asked, "Are you not equipped with a 3D scanner here? Is that why?"

But of course, doctors always tend to be cleverer. He pointed to his 2D scanner and elaborated on its multi function features (which included transforming into a 3D scanner at the click of a button.... why of course... as if you didn't see that coming).

He ended his explanations nicely with, "I still don't want your money. So you can forget about doing the 3D scan here."

Wow! First, he's a Fortune-Teller (or a big time joker???).

"Peanut will be very handsome," he repeated for the 3rd time. I couldn't help but to roll my eyes. I am cynical that way. But the mister was laughing all the way.

"The compliment(s) wasn't meant for you, Mr Len," I had to remind him. Ini orang memang manyak suka shiok-sendiri.

Anyway, back to the Fortune-Teller. He's now helping us to save money too.

I really like this life lah.

Especially since I escaped a traffic summon this morning as well. The guy was printing the summon ticket for the car parked next to mine when I scurried there. Boy, I sure made it in record time but not without heaving heavily and smiling meekly at the law enforcement officer.

Talk about having baby luck! :)))

Footnote: The difference between a 2D and a 3D scan

2D scan (Presenting to you again, the Handsome Peanut at 13 weeks)

3D scan (taken randomly from some picture online)

Apparently, 2D scans are meant to scan right through the organs and everything else to make sure that the baby is developing and growing well in the tummy. For example, there are no leakages in the heart or deformed kidneys and also to measure the bone sizes of the thighs, arms, etc.

As for the 3D scan, it may really be used to see if the kid's going to be a future heartbreaker. 

(But then again, I got a doctor who's also a Fortune Teller... so dum dee dum)

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