Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot cross bun!

I just got done with last minute housechores (to get my mind of the pain that will come in a bit) and a long good shower that should last me for the next 28 days. The number 1 rule during the confinement period for the Chinese is that new mothers are not allowed to shower/wash hair after delivery. The idea behind the belief is that water will cause 'wind' to be absorbed into the bones,  and this in turn will cause aching bones later on in life. Scary, no? :D

Anyway, the 9-month term is up and I still feel that it had been such a surreal cycle. Just when I have found the most comfortable position to sleep (without having a full bladder in the middle of the night) and am finally getting the hang of waddling in gigantic feet, the doctor tells me that I have to be induced my high blood pressure sky rocketed during the last check up.

So here I am, with my luggage packed and looking as confident as one can be - 2 more hours till my entire world changes.

It's showtime for the mama-to-be!!! Peanut better get an Oscar for it!!! :D

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